I’m Tricia Brioux,

Bringing your story and message to life is my one and only priority… And I have one instrument with which to do that – my voice. I also have a special credo that I live by as a voice over artist – I will never, ever hear my clients say “…you had one job…”

Indeed, I do have one job: bringing your vision to life in the most credible, engaging, captivating way, and doing so in all the voice over genres – TV and radio ads, animation, gaming dialogue, e-learning, documentaries, etc..

Let me show you how I will get your one – or more than one – job done!

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I am a full time Professional Voice Over Talent with over 20 years’ experience (as both union and non union) with a Broadcast Quality Home Studio.  I regularly record with clients from all over the world via Source Connect, ipTDL, phone patch and Skype.

Firstly, this is a particularly trying time for our world, and as we juggle to adapt and modify our businesses,  I am pleased to offer my clients top quality professional services, with many options for live remote recording, and to help ensure their finished product lives up to its highest potential.

Until 2015, I was a union talent, but after deciding to open my own home studio, I found that non union was much more practical as it allowed me to work with clients all over the world, without hassle and often without contracts  – just with simple mutual trust.

As a stage actor for many years, I also have an actor’s intuition that I bring to the craft of voice over and therefore, to each and every script.  This is a skill that can’t be taught or learned; it is an innate ability to connect with a script and to harness and employ the power of the spoken word – whether the words are intended to sell a product, to provoke a laugh or a tear, or simply to provide information.  I also bring to the table the ability to follow directions quickly.  If you need the same script read, but in an entirely different tone in one single session, then … I’m your woman.

Which brings me to another facet of my professional life that I honor always:  respect for my client’s time, talent and resources.  I know that you spent hours, if not months, working on a script, editing, revising, and tweaking it, until it was just right.  And I know that you are counting on your voice over talent to nail that script, understand its messages, and indeed, its nuances, and ultimately bring your words to life in the best possible way.  I endeavor to do just that every time I voice a client’s words.  I strive to bring your message to your audience the way that YOU intended it be heard.

As to practicalities, my studio is broadcast quality, with lots of bells and whistles, including an Audio Technica AT4033/CL microphone, dbx 286s, Mackie 1202 VLZ3, M-Audio Delta 66 soundcard, a dedicated DAW for recording, a soundproof booth, and a paperless configuration.

I respect my client’s time – I will return your call or email promptly, or it’s free (lol)…. and I will meet your deadlines each and every time.

These are difficult days but we will get through them together… and apart!


First of all, I'd just like to comment on Tricia's "Grown-Up Lucy" speech. Wow...just..WOW!! Honestly, I thought I was gonna tear-up!!lol That speech was better than I could've ever imagined it!!! Beyond terrific!

Hi Tricia, our teaser is now public, and your voice "leads the way!" So many people have commented on how they loved your voice. No lie!

I can tell that Tricia really put thought into my script. She clearly understood exactly the tone and manner that I was going for and unlike so many other of the submissions I received, she listened to the original direction and intent of the script, and executed perfectly

Tricia is a wonderful talent and we couldn't be happier with the result!

Amazing voice acting. Loved it! Tricia brings life and gravitas to the character.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like an audition and/or a quote, or if you have any other questions. I will get back to you within 24 hours, if not sooner. Thanks again for stopping by.